Bebe's Story

Nothing feels better than making a meal that others can truly enjoy. I started cooking professionally at 19 years old and have fond memories of being in the kitchen with my mother creating meals for our family. She taught me many great recipes that I regularly made for my 5 kids and inspired me to become a Chef.

Cooking is definitely my art and has proved to be an amazing outlet. It is therapeutic and my way of expressing my passion. Catering to large crowds became a specialty that allowed me to service events ranging from parties to grand receptions. Giving others the chance to experience new flavors and the memories they bring is always motivating.

I love what I do and find that after 20 plus years, I still get excited over watching my clients take the first bite. I put my heart and soul into each meal, always endeavoring to exceed their expectations. My goal is to continue providing great food to great people with the best service possible.

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